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My Background

I was given my first camera some 50 years ago, and have enjoyed photography ever since  I'm inspired by the love I have for the area in which I live, The New forest

I have also photographed many different subjects,  all over the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Holland . There's an old saying that the best camera is the one you have with you, because you never know when an opportunity will arise

Photograph - Witethroat, Pennington Marshes

My Photography

To capture that special moment. One of the photos that inspire me is Usain Bolt crossing the finishing line with the realisation that he has done it.

Or natural beauty, the character of your pet. 

Photograph -  Horseboarding at Hampshire County Show, Netley

Capturing the moment

Each a glimpse, then gone forever....but not when captured by Howard Woolford Photography

Photograph - Netley Marsh Carnival Parade

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